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Info Information about the program

Mathiscommetti is a program that provides daily predictions for all sporting events of the day and week, on which it is possible to accept bets and conorsi to prediction of the major games (Totogol, Totocalcio, Bigmatch). With the software as well as view the predictions offered it is possible to make your own systems acting on many parameters for otimizzare the desired result. Of course for all proposed pronostci (the development of embedded systems) it is possible to do all kinds of printing (including custom) and export the result in various types of files for later processing.

  • Betting Predictions Betting Predictions

    Are the odds for all the events of the palimpsest in betting upon acceptance.

  • Predictions for sweepstakes Predictions for sweepstakes

    The odds are offered for open competitions, football pools games Totogol and Bigmatch.

  • Systems development Systems development

    For all the predictions it is possible to draw up inserts each statistical system type generated by an efficient mathematical algorithm.The systems are available for both SPORTSBETTING, and contests to prediction.

  • Custom printing Custom printing

    The software offers a wide section dedicated to prints, both predictions, which systems and also of posters. It is possible to print the standings and tables of predictions (also sorted and grouped) and systems developed.

Not to be missed is the section dedicated to posters that allows you to print all open competitions (or sports bets) with its predictions and passed with a summary of winnings. ... these and many other things are available with the downloadable software from the link below.

MathiScommetti Is the software that helps you win ... you betcha.


Technical Coordinator and project leader of Mathiscommetti software and web sites and

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Creator of the website PronosPuntoit and mathematical algorithm behind the generation of the sports betting predictions and contests to prediction.

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Adutzu Webmaster and graphic designer

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