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19/08/15 UPDATE Ver.

Upgrade to version online .
08/28/15 finished technical intervention , Mathiscommetti operational again .
Big news in the coming days with a new update : finally the odds of TENNIS .
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Mathiscommetti is the software for sports betting and games prediction that helps you with your winnings.
Now there are  363   predictions, these are just a few.


1 Sportsbook 1 Sportsbook

Mathiscommetti is a program that provides daily tips for all sporting events of the schedule AAMS, which are able to accept bets.

2 Competitions Prediction 2 Competitions Prediction

Mathiscommetti allows you to develop systems for the prediction of the biggest competitions in games ( Totocalcio, Totogol. Bigmatch )

3 Development of Systems 3 Development of Systems

With the software as well as view the predictions offered can create their own systems by acting on many parameters otimizzare the desired result.

4 Custom Prints 4 Custom Prints

For all predictions proposed (development of embedded systems) you can do all types of printing (even personalized).

5 Exporting Data 5 Exporting Data

All predictions made can be exported into various file formats (csv, pdf, etc. ..) for subsequent processing.

6 Statistics and Standings 6 Statistics and Standings

All predictions of the events offered are accompanied by an exhaustive statistical analysis, there are also all the latest rankings of the various sports. And much more.

7 Software Multilanguage 7 Software Multilanguage

Multilanguage support, software used in 6 languages: Italian, English, German, Spanish, French and Romanian


Novita Analisi Statistica Elaborazione Sistemi Veloci Composizione Sistemi passo passo Stampe personalizzate Pagina Pronostici
Elaborazione Condizionata Sistemi Sistemi per il Totocalcio Stampe Classifiche Pronostici Liste probabilita' pronostici Analisi Statistiche
Informazioni Abbonamento Analisi Statistiche Classifica dei pronostici Classifiche di tutti gli sport Sistemi per il Bigmatch

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