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  • For which operating systems is compatible the program Mathiscommetti?
    It is compatible with all Windows pc (XP, Vista, Window 7)
  • When predictions are updated?
    The refresh rate of the predictions is in reference to the daily publication of AAMS listings
  • The odds of such predictions are bookmakers?
    The odds are inserted relative dimensions most indicative of listings offered by several bookmakers, and as such should be taken only as a reference.
  • It is difficult to do using the software?
    The program though is vast and full of options is fairly intuitive, with bold graphics and dynamic. Also in use in this section there are many videos that guide the user in the most important passages.
  • How can I get help?
    To contact us just to reach the contacts section in the menu above, where it is possible to send a quick email or find several addresses of our sections.
  • The Faq list is constantly updated ... ...

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