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Partner Livescore

Characteristics Detailed characteristics of the program

Below are presented the main program caratterisitche with small descriptions.

  • Main page

    This is the main page of the program that shows how it is organized. In the program exists in fact a main menu at the top which contains all the commands; at the center is present the display zone where they are presented the various windows. On the left and right are the menu of support for the normal use of the program.

  • new system

    Here you can compile their statistical systems. The parameters on which to act are manifold since the sport, by the nations, from alloys and so on. E 'can also customize the results of the development of the system by choosing among many values such as the share of each game, the maximum payout and more. All these settings can be selected from menus presented in the bar at the top of the screen. In the central part is instead presented the list of meetings dipsonibili on which the system is drawn. Selecting a match is shown the detail of the predictions with the proposed probability index of the event. All bets offered may also be modified by entering new values or new signs. The lower screen shows instead the result of the development of the system, this result can of course be printed or simply viewed on screen. Also an excellent feature is the ability to export the result with many file formats (html, excel, pdf etc. ..) for further processing.

  • Building System Step by Step

    Systems in addition to having their own section as seen above, have the opportunity to be processed through guided steps that allow more control over the desired result. The user is led through the customization of various prediction steps, each of which may address some parameters such as the choice of games, leagues, sports, and so on. When the choice is only necessary to run the system processing and printing later. Of course in this screen you can perform all subsequent inetrventi desired.

  • fast system

    This window allows for the elaboration of a system with two simple clicks, useful for getting ready to play the odds on the fly without any customization. The only two parameters which can act are the number of matches in the ticket and the likely outcome of the predictions chosen.

  • Systems Totocalcio and Totogol

    This is the section dedicated to the Totocalcio. Also proposed here are the odds for football pools competitions are open, the facts on which appropriate action can be achieved by the development of statistical systems. In the central part is presented the details of the competition with the percentage values of the predictions on the outcome of the meetings presentati.Tutti these values can be modified according to their needs. Also in this case in the lower part of the screen is the detail of the development with the opportunity of the printing or screen display.

  • BigMacth System

    This is instead the competition section bigmatch. Here, as in the sections described above is possible to draw up the systems on open competition by acting on many parameters. Of course do not miss the section dedicated to printing or exporting data.

  • Prints Betting Predictions

    The program devotes a large section to print and display all the odds placed. This is the part devoted to the prints of sports betting odds. Again the results displayed can be changed to suit your needs by acting on four basic parameters: the choice of sport, the nation, the league and the days of the event. Result from the combination of these choices is presented the result in the central part of the screen with the accompanying predictions presented with its incidence on the probability of outcome of the event. Below, instead we must choose how you want to sort the result in print, for example according to the sport or the day of the event and so on.

  • Standings updated

    For every sport there are the rankings of the year to date of each nation. The menu is easy and immediate reference to easily get all the data you need.

  • Analysis Statisitca Meeting

    For each event in addition to the schedule prediction is a detailed statistical and technical analysis is processed the "advantage" on the shares offered by the bookmakers.

  • Prints Totocalcio and Totogol

    This is the competition section Totocalcio and Totogol. Also for this part apply the information carried in the sections above.

  • Bigmatch Prints

    This is the competition section BigMatch. Even this part apply to the information carried in the sections above.

  • And many other features ..

    The characteristics listed above are just some of the potential offered by the software, which is an indispensable tool for the novice looking for some help, but especially for the "professional" looking for value for money and shares safe.

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